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Developed by myServiceForce, an award-winning developer of service automation solutions that leverage the wireless technology. Combined with the 'best of breed' business management software, enabling service companies to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, increase revenue and enhance customer service by eliminating manual, paper-based business processes, and creating real time, onsite transactions including invoicing.

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Discounts for Merchant Account Payment Processing may apply.
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The Small Business ERP powered by Xceleran Software, Inc.


myXinatorPRO provides access and command and control for your business operations by linking myServicePRO or myServiceAPPrentice to the software necessary to run and monitor you company.


  1. myServicePro or myServiceAPPrentice Field Management Software – for trade service companies from 1 to 100 field technicians.
  2. myServiceScheduler – Allowing customers to pick their own appointments.
  3. Integrated Intuit products including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Payroll, and QuickBooks Time. Integrated to Field and Office transactions for efficiency and error reduction.
  4. myServiceCC Payment processing and TuaPay Consumer Financing. Meet or Beat Pricing.
  5. CallPop Intelligent Phone answering software – Know Before You Answer
  6. Social Media Management and Repair – Keep your Stars
  7. MailChimp customer email marketing – Stay in touch and build revenues.
  8. RecruitingPath job applicant recruiting and tracking. Low cost, super effective.
  9. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor your success.

myServiceCC - Payment Processing with Enhanced Financial Technology


Payment Processing & Buy Now Pay Later Consumer Financing

Choose Global Payments Integrated with myServiceForce’s Business Management Solutions to Save on Payment Processing and access dynamic financial technology and software to impact your business. The right payment processing partner can help streamline your business operation, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability. That's why Global Payments Integrated and myServiceForce and have teamed up to bring you innovative, integrated payment processing and financial technologies. Our solutions are fast, convenient, reliable and secure - best of all, they're already integrated into your existing software platform.

Benefits of Payment Processing with myServiceForce:

  • Full Integration to QuickBooks Online, myServicePRO/APPrentice and More
  • Tap/Swipe/Insert Filed and Office Collection Technology
  • Card on File and Recurring Payments
  • Innovative Forms of Payment
  • Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Consumer Financing
  • Customer Engagement Suite of Software
  • Integrated Financial Technology enhances your business and customer experience through seamless time saving features.

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      CallPop – Phone and Text AI
      Integrated with myServicePRO and APPrentice provides detailed customer information when you need it most, when they call for help. Works with VOIP or SMS Text Messaging.
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      Integrated with myServicePRO/APPrentice, and CallPop. It provides a frictionless, safe payment process for your customers by sending them in an email or text message a link entering their credit card or bank (ACH) information.
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      Intuit Payroll
      Makes paying employees a snap. Handles taxes and insures you against financial penalties if errors occur, even if they are your fault.
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      Intuit Time
      Integrates with Payroll to track employee time cards and more.
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      Accounts Payable
      Automates regular payables through QuickBooks OnLine to save time and money.
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      Reputation Management & Repair
      Combined with Analytics monitors you online presence in your social media and website. It also keeps track of your competition so you can protect your brand and grow your business. Repairs false posts to keep your scores REAL.

    To learn more, click the myServiceForce YouTube Channel link and check out the FinTech Playlist.

    Playlist link here.



Designed to wow your customers and make your life so much easier:

  • Allowing customers to pick their own appointments
  • Web-based so you can manage appointment schedules anytime from anywhere
  • Easy to use, and you are in complete control of your availability
  • Automatically communicate with your customers thru email and texting
  • All for $25 per month

Is now the time to make the move to Internet-based Telephone Service?


Here’s how you’ll know if it’s time to switch to internet telephone service (VoIP). You want to:

  • Save Money
  • Increase flexibility, efficiency, and customer perception
  • Have more mobility so you can be in control from anywhere at any time.


Here’s how you’ll know you should choose myServiceForce.

  • You’re a service business, our specialty
  • You want:
    • great pricing and support,
    • high quality service, just like you provide,
    • no contracts and no penalties for changing or cancelling your plan,
    • total transparency in pricing and no nagging sales process,
    • and, the option to have one vendor provide all your field and office administration software and services.


Electronic Work Order Management

Electronically Manage work orders from over 25 third party companies including:

  • Appliance (e.g., ServiceBench/LG/ServicePower)
  • Home Warranty, (e.g., AHS, Old Republic, Fidelity Nations, etc,) and
  • Big Box Retail, (e.g. Lowes, Home Depot)
  • Electronically Manage work orders from over 25 third party companies including:


One stop shop for all your business services

Xceleran has approximately 10 different categories of Services & Products that you can explore. Our Services & Products are either built / provided organically or sometimes with Strategic Partners and occasionally vendors. Either way, we provide Services & Products that we, ourselves, either use or have used in our own business.


We are continually working to improve our collection of support and training resources. If you think of something we could add that would be useful, let us know via email at support@myserviceforce.com.


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