myServicePro Support and Training

We are continually working to improve our collection of support and training resources. If you think of something we could add that would be useful, let us know via email at And if your need is not addressed in these resources, remember you can chat with a representative using our on-line LiveChat or email the team at

What we call things in mSPRO and why

Lock work order issue

How to enable pop ups

missing AHS work orders

Reconcile Site Duplicates

Import service history into an invoice

Dispatch Groups – Dispatch Board Organization

Re-open a closed work order

Manage technicians

Post an invoice to quickbooks

Assign a Work Order

Setup and manage zones

Combine multiple tickets or invoices into 1 single invoice

Sort AHS dispatches by vendor id


Drag-and-Drop an Assignment on the Dispatch Board

Send payment receipts from field devices

Dispatch board tips and tricks

Automate TWG dispatches with mSF

iOS Pro app demo

How to save hours of time a week with the AHS invoice report

mSPRO LG Integration features

EWOC demo

Pro Basics - Create a Service Agreement Template

Pro Basics - How to create a Service Agreement Type

Pro Basics - How to Create Lead Sources

Dispatch all and more