• myServiceCC - Payment Processing with Enhanced Financial Technology

  • Benefits of Payment Processing with Global Payments Integrated:
  • Customer Engagement Suite of Software
  • Automatic Card Updates
  • Recurring Payments
  • Innovative Forms of Payment
  • Advanced Security
  • Valuable Insights

Integrated Financial Technology

enhances your business and customer experience through seamless time saving features.



Integrated with myServicePRO and APPrentice provides detailed customer information when you need it most, when they call for help.

Accounts Payable

Automates regular payables and integrates with Quickbooks to save time and money.

Customer Statements

Also integrated with myServicePRO, APPrentice, and CallPop provides a frictionless, safe payment process for your customers by sending them in an email or text message a link entering their credit card or bank (ACH) information


Makes paying employees a snap and when used with NetSpend can make paying part time and contract employees a breeze

Online Forms

Also integrated with myServicePRO and Apprentice to create customizable forms to create pre-call check lists, satisfaction surveys, proposals and more.

Reputation Management

Combined with Analytics monitors you online presence in your social media and website. It also keeps track of your competition so you can protect your brand and grow your business.

Choose Global Payments Integrated
with myServiceForce to Save on Payment Processing and access dynamic financial technology and software to impact your business. The right payment processing partner can help streamline your business operation, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability.
That's why Global Payments Integrated and myServiceForce and have teamed up to bring you innovative, integrated payment processing and financial technologies. Our solutions are fast, convenient, reliable and secure - best of all, they're already integrated into your existing software platform

Rate Plans & Pricing

myService Basic
(only available with myServiceJOBS Free Software)

  • Designed for simplicity and cost effectiveness
  • No card reader required, photo or manual data entry
  • Competitively priced


  • Beats Square, Paypal, and other common offers
  • Integrates with all myServiceForce Software and as a standalone product


  • Guaranteed Low Cost Program
  • Designed for high volume companies


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