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The Small Business ERP

Configure Your Custom Solution

Every company's needs are unique which is why you can select the components you need now and add or delete them at any time without any penalties. There are two required components: XinatorCentral for command and control and QuickBooks Online.

Two Important Things to Note:

Like getting points or rebates when you use certain credit cards, we give cash rebates against the cost of your software selections based upon the average quarterly billing of the Merchant Accounts you use through our partners for payments and consumer financing. An estimate will be calculated below.

After submitting your initial configuration you will have immediate access to Xinator Central and myServicePro, (optional selection). You my use them for 30 days at no charge.





Up to 4 Field Techs



Up to 2.5 Seats

MyServicePRO - OMS


Up to 4 Seats

MyServicePRO - Basic


Up to 4.5 to 10 Seats
1 Office User = 1/2 Seat
1 Field Tech = 1 Seat


Over 10 Seats by Quote


Select Your Base Components

iconcentral Quickbooks Online













Recruiting Path


Reputation Manager


Competitive Analysis


Xinator Field App


Seat Calculator

Office User:

Field Tech:


Calculate your Discount/Rebate*

Average Monthly Invoices Collected By:

Credit/Debit Cards :  $

Consumer Financing :  $

*Discounts are based upon the volume of payments and consumer financing processed using XceleranCC Payment Processing. It requires a Merchant Account applied for through Xceleran. Rebates will be up to 100% of software costs. The estimates are only that and initial discounts will be based upon either the previous three months of merchant statements provided at set up of your account or based upon three months of actual usage and retroactively applied. Discounts will be re-evaluated at the end of each fiscal quarter and applied to the next quarters billing.