myServicePRO and APPrentice

Integrated with myServicePRO/APPrentice

Key Features

  • msPRO/APPrentice updates CallPop with current Customer Site Information
  • Customer Service agent get’s instant notification of incoming call
  • Direct Links to PRO/APPrentice
  • Track and initiate outstanding balance payments
    • Send a pay by link via text or email
  • Many Customizable Features, e.g.,
    • Custom labels for inbound calls
    • Custom texts and appointment reminders
    • Displays prompts/scripts for new customers


Opens on Desktop with Incoming Call

  • Customer Site Information
  • History
  • Previous Callpop notes & Text Messages
  • Direct Links to PRO/APPrentice

CallPop - Links

Quick Click buttons – left to right

  • Quick Pay
    • Utilizes Customer Statements functionality now within Callpop to send a payment request via email or text (pay by link)
  • Scheduling – Dispatch Board
  • Customer Site in msPRO/APPrentice

CallPop - Notes

  • Customer Notes populate here
  • These notes are conversational notes from past CallPop Interactions
  • Helps keep a better relationship with customers

CallPop – Texting Presets

Quick Text Popup displays a template to send a quick text message, e.g.,

  • Missed Call message
  • Appointment Checklist
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Social Links
    • Google Review Link
    • Google Maps Link
    • Facebook Review Link

CallPop – Call Type Labels

Standard labels that come with Callpop are

  • Do not answer and spam
  • Create your own label while on the call
  • Apply labels to call so they appear the next time this call pops up