What is a Small Business Management System (BMS) and Why do You Need One?

February 28, 2022

Creating a Connected Work Environment

There are a lot of enlightened big corporation definitions of a Business Management System but for us, it's much simpler. It is:

The combined processes and functions, e.g., Customer Engagement, Sales, Provisioning, Finance, etc., are necessary for a profit-oriented business to run efficiently, effectively, and legally.

The fact is every business has one, it's really just a question of whether or not the system that is in place is in fact a good thing, a bad thing, or something in between.

In a small business that generally means, at a minimum, are we making money and paying taxes. If you're reading this, you probably want to add more to that equation. Perhaps growth, efficiency, or more family time.

Our vision is to provide you with a connected workspace that impacts all of those things.

What’s in the way?

Typically, a business has evolved and has a mishmash of tools and processes that require manual entry, double entries, misalignment of information, and lousy communications. At the very least this has created additional complexity if not internal friction.

A good Business Management System is one in which the ownership, employee, and customer experience align creating a seamless and frictionless experience. What that means is an experience where duplication of efforts is eliminated, errors are reduced, communication is fluid and in a means which works best for all stakeholders.

What does a Connected Environment Look Like?

The objective of a connected workspace is, in large part, to create efficiency and accuracy by avoiding duplication of efforts. Secondly is to eliminate friction especially as it revolves around communications.

As an example, in a highly effective environment information is entered once and is automatically recorded in all the systems that need to use that information, and is easily accessible from any appropriate device. When this does not occur, as I frequently the case, you end up with multiple databases that are difficult if not impossible to keep synchronized creating a high risk of errors and omissions.

Why is a Connected Business Management System important to a Small Business?

For exactly the same reasons a large company, efficiency, which means savings of time and money. But there's more. Here are some fun facts you should know. Small businesses that use technology to create a connected environment earn two times more revenue per employee, experience four times more revenue growth annually, and are nearly three times as likely to add people in any given year.

About our Business Management System

We have created a Business Management System that provides the tools necessary to achieve the goals of a seamless frictionless, connected environment for owners, employees, and customers. Its impact is felt from the start of the business cycle, a customer appointment, through provisioning of your product or service and accounting for it.

We strive to ensure nothing is touched twice. Anything that is entered in one part of the system is also added in the others whether that is the field app, office app, virtual payment terminal, or bookkeeping. Additionally, communications, especially to and from customers, is automated and supports the most desirable formats, SMS text messaging and email.

A major advantage of our BMS is that we marry our software, developed from over 15 years of cloud software experience, with those from our partners to provide the benefits of a single location to access your programs but the flexibility to grow and add as you need to.

At the outset, we integrate core software from Xceleran, Global Payments Integrated (GPI), and Intuit into a cohesive platform that has flexible design options and is very cost-effective starting as low as $39.50 per month.

Together we feature:

  • Customer management
  • Appointment scheduling, by customers or internally.
  • Automated communications in text or email.
  • Field agent software for job management, invoicing, and collections
  • Full bookkeeping system including payroll services
  • Sophisticated payment processing system integrated across all platforms

The result is a frictionless, seamless, connected environment. To learn more, visit our Business Management System page.

How can a Business Management System help you?

Here's another opinion from Home Business Magazine:

1. Improves Employee Efficiency and Productivity
If you want to be a good business owner, it's important to provide the right benefits and essential business tools to your employees. In order for your employees to be more efficient and productive, they need quality tools. Once you streamline your workplace, your employees will work better, harder, and faster. That's the reason why using business management software can be beneficial. It adds a certain level of accountability to your employees while helping them work better and much easier.

2. Helps You Avoid Errors
When information is transferred from one platform to another, there's a risk of encountering some errors or losing a part of your data. You may either tolerate such errors or spend plenty of resources and time fixing and checking everything.With the use of business management software, you don’t need to import the information a few times. The only thing you'll need is to import your information and your software will do the rest. For instance, if your company uses cloud services, all of your data will be available and secure for all of your team members.

3. Provides Important Communication Tools
When it comes to the business industry, communication is considered paramount as it's the key to efficiency and success. This is why using business management software may come in handy since it'll provide you access to the best communication tools you'll need. Oftentimes, business management software includes communication tools, such as central message centers, text messaging, and email that everybody on the team may see. Since such apps are cloud-based, such communication tools are accessible on any connected device, regardless of whether your employees are working remotely or not.

4. Helps Your Business Build Trust and Improves Customer Relationships
This may sound a little strange, but the use of business management software may help improve your company's customer relationships. The software has features that enable you to talk to customers with a better image of your company's situation. As useful software for your business, it can also help you provide delivery dates that are more accurate and create a good pricing policy. Business management software may also benefit your company by quickly sharing helpful information with customers. As a result, your customers will enjoy a better customer experience.

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What is a Small Business Management System (BMS) and Why do You Need One?

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